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Originally Posted by KyleKat View Post
Why do you say that your poly stuff was really an affair? I'm sure you discussed it before and if you know which posts link me and I'll gladly read through it. I took a quick surf and didn't find it though so here I am.

Was her relationship permitted?

Do you still get along?

Was there anything going on behind your back?

Just trying to figure this all out. Good luck in your new relationship.
Hi Kylekat,

I looked at my old posts but I have forgotten how to do a link. But, to be honest I don't feel they have much value anyway as I was deluding myself the whole time anyway.

My wife started the affair 3 months before I found out. When it came out she lied and told me it was not sexual at that time. In fact she had been having unprotected sex from the word go. She had also lied to him over many things. So no, I didn't give her permission to change our marriage.

I came up with the Polyandry idea to try to save our marriage. She used to live with me for 4 days and with him in his house for 3 days. I had to try to work and look after the children in those 3 days.

We struggled through that for 9 months .

I used the word Affair as that was her own word for it after the whole arrangement fell apart. She allowed me to call it whatever made me happy so long as she could carry on seeing him. I was very stupid.

We already had 6 children. She had the affair purposely to have another child after she knew I did not want any more. We do not know the paternity of the new baby.

We get along fine so long as we never discuss anything important. Hope this helps.
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