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I've just realized that I've subconsciously been putting off meeting anyone who could obviously be a romantic interest because of Keith. All of the "adding to our relationship" talk made me think about how couple-centric I have been acting since we moved.

I tend to avoid doing things during the week because Keith has to work and can't, so I don't feel like it's fair. (Totally my thing, he WANTS me to get out and do things but I feel bad spending the money while I'm not working and he's slaving away at a job he hates)

The guy I'm (hopefully) meeting a comedy show invited me to coffee the other day and I made up a lame excuse about job hunting. (WHY? Coffee is cheap, so it's not like I'd be spending a ton of money... I'm meeting this guy soon anyway, although Keith will probably be around too... I have no idea what my problem is on this one)

Keith has had zero luck out here even finding people to talk to. Every single person he has sent a message to on OKC and some other site he's on (some forum thing, I think.. I don't know the specifics) has ignored it. Not even random conversation or a no thank you or anything. This makes me feel terrible, because as hard as he tries to not let it bother him, he still feels rejected. He was talking to two women before we moved, but since we are now 2500 miles away and have no hope of traveling that often, those aren't even possibilities anymore. As silly and irrational as I know it is, I feel bad because I have dated/gone on dates with multiple people since it has been an option and he has only been on a couple of dates with a woman quite a while back. It seems so unfair since he is really a much better person than I am... lol

So, I'm not couple-centric in our approach to relationships so much as what activities I'm willing to do. I intellectually know that it's ridiculous for me to put off meeting people and getting settled out here, and that things will happen when they're supposed to happen, but I still feel like I should wait until Keith has SOMETHING to do (some group or place to play games) or SOMEONE (friends or romantic) to hang out with while I'm out - assuming it affects our time together, which honestly it shouldn't since I have Mon-Fri nights to do things while he's at work.

Blah... I feel like I'm over analyzing everything and just being ridiculous.
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