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Originally Posted by IrisAwakened View Post
As for time, I have plenty. Most nights I just sit around on the computer. My husband is busy with his stuff, my kids are in bed and my beau is busy in his own life. One might think that hanging with some friends would be the cure...
Umm, no, not exactly. Why is husband busy and you are left to fend for yourself? What about reconnecting with him. Are you and Hubs going out on romantic dates together? Sexing each other up? Having quality time, massages, walks, heart-to-heart talks, and so on? Doing more together than paying bills and parenting? If not, why not?

If you and he both feel the foundation is rock-solid at home, and you can manage your calendar well (!), then I see no reason why you shouldn't pursue a romance with this friend of yours. It's possible to have three or more lovers, but you will need to be organized!
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