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Originally Posted by Arrowbound View Post
The stove? It's hot. And you're turning up the heat to put your hand in the fire.

Things took a turn last night. I started feeling really nervous about this whole thing but decided it was because I married my wife because she fits with my life goals. He doesn't fit at all and I'd be forced to change if this was long term. My wife and I agreed to talk about this with ahmed on sunday. He is spending the weekend on our couch.

I had a few drinks to get comfortable last night. My wife also had some. Ahmed didn't of course. We actually had a lot of fun and laughed a whole lot. At 3 am I went to the bedroom and crashed and they stayed up talking and playing cards.

Some time later she comes in our bedroom and begins riding me! She was very wet before anything ever happened. I got off, cleaned up, and re-passed out. In the morning I opened my eyes and asked her if her and ahmed got any further last night. She says she made out with him and gave him head. I said "sounds hot" and tried to go back to sleep.

I need help from other monos here. That first time... The act itself doesn't logically bother me, in fact its a bit of a turn on, but my gut... it just hurts. I know she came onto him... but she came back to me right after. There are no words for this emotion. In the morning it felt like madness as my mind flitted everywhere... it was like my thoughts were unable to stop sliding. I'm beginning to think that maybe there IS a possibility for me to be hurt out of this. I'm considering just putting a stop to this but this is solely my issue... I don't know if it is jealousy, fear, or what but I should have the strength to confront it because many of you had to. Stopping it would be selfish but I know my wife would do it but she would be sad. In your responses, please focus on the emotional aspect of this and less on saying how bad the situation is... I think that is group consensus by now.

P.S. That comment about calling the police on him was less racist and more driven by fear... It feels like a rope as I enter a dark cave. He's honestly a nice guy.

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