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NYCindie- Thank you for your very accurate response. There might be something within me I am trying to fill in, but I think it is a little different. I am alone all day, the type of work I do I just drive around all day. I miss social contact outside of my business dealings (as I have no co-workers). In my marriage I spent the first six years spending no time outside of the house aside from work. I liked it, but I didn't realize how hermit-like I had become. It feels like now I am just realizing how human I am, how socially starved I am.

As for time, I have plenty. Most nights I just sit around on the computer. My husband is busy with his stuff, my kids are in bed and my beau is busy in his own life. One might think that hanging with some friends would be the cure, and that is what I set out to do...I just happened to find myself finding my friend completely attractive and awesome.

It is not a solution for the loneliness I feel deep within, but it is a wonderful opportunity to love another individual. As for the emptiness, I am working much on that, and it has much more to do with feeling fulfilled in my career/life path than needing more romantic attention.
Have courage to continue this journey, for it holds nothing but lessons and wonders.
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