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Originally Posted by IrisAwakened View Post
After sitting on this idea for a week and finally communicating my feelings for my guy friend to my partners, they didn't react as badly as I expected. They were more concerned about me having enough time for them and not so much that I might have another partner.

Cart before the horse, I haven't even talked to my guy friend about these feelings I have newly found. I know he had romantic interest in me prior to dating my beau, so I am wondering if that is still true. Also, what kind of guy wants to date a married woman who already has one boyfriend?
I don't think it's cart before the horse at all. I am crushing on someone outside my vee, and wouldn't dream of going there (okay, maybe dream) without talking to my men about it. If it's going to upset them, why would I get him (3rd) involved?

It does sound very time intensive. I'm frustrated at only seeing my LDR once a month, but I think it is working well for both of us.
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