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Default Possible 3rd Man...

I have been in a polyamorous relationship since October, with my new beau and my husband of 7 years. It is going wonderfully, the two get along really well. My only complaint is that my beau lives so far away we only get to see each other 2x a week. I am just the kind of girl who sucks at long distance things, spoiled rotten by my husband always being there for me, it kills me to have to say goodbye to him every weekend.

Recently I began hanging out with a new guy friend. He is kind and funny, and I totally didn't see myself wanting to be with him. Now, after a few weeks of hangouts, I am completely crushing on him. I tried not to because I worried what my men would think. Also I worried if it was even a good idea.

After sitting on this idea for a week and finally communicating my feelings for my guy friend to my partners, they didn't react as badly as I expected. They were more concerned about me having enough time for them and not so much that I might have another partner.

Cart before the horse, I haven't even talked to my guy friend about these feelings I have newly found. I know he had romantic interest in me prior to dating my beau, so I am wondering if that is still true. Also, what kind of guy wants to date a married woman who already has one boyfriend?

Ok, so this really wasn't a question, but more of a request for support and ideas. I feel that in dating a third partner I will fill some of that loneliness that I am feeling from my beau living so far away. No idea if it will work out, but the least I can do is communicate my feelings and leave things up to him. Right?
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