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Default The Nutella Proposal

This sweet man is just so nice and respectful that he’d never make the first move. My wife can joke with me because of our level of intimacy and trust, but she’s shy when it comes down to it. I suppose it’s a first time for all of us actually.

One night I came home to find my wife tired and slow. She had a spaciousness in her eyes and heart and a simple peacefulness about her. She was done after a long day. Offhandedly she quipped that she would love it if our friend and I would both massage her at the same time. She was exhausted and joking and serious. I thought hard about it and remarked that I thought that maybe massage was a good touch ice-breaker for us all. I trained as a massage therapist years ago. I’m comfortable with touch, and I can give reassuring and clearly non-sexual touch without a problem.

still we thought that just inviting him over to join me in massaging my wife’s feet and shoulders was a little weird. So I said that we either need to package the idea better or maybe sweeten the deal. She joked that if he came over she’d let him lick Nutella off her nipples as a reward. He and my wife both just love Nutella. That sure didn’t package the idea better, but it sure did sweeten the deal. so I took another chance. I texted him the proposal. while my wife squealed in disbelief!

“Hi, I’m really tired and totally want u & him to both massage me. Any chance u would come over? If that’s not interesting enough you can lick Nutella off my nipples afterwards

To which he replied, “Oh, is that all?”

My wife joked aloud, “Oh well…that depends how good the massage is!” So I texted her words verbatim.

The reply came, “Umm…okay?”

Then my wife kind of freaked out and I texted him a summary of what she said to me, “Well..i feel shy now…i get all excited and then i get paralyzed. Massage would be nice though, so why don’t you come over?”

The final reply came, “Be over soon.”


Wow! What had we gotten our selves into? He took the bait, so to say. My wife was wearing a costume for her job as a performer, and she still had it on. After pleasantries and the usual good conversation, we got her into just the long dress like undershirt that she was wearing. The neck line was loosened by untying the string, and he started massaging her shoulders as i worked on her tired feet and calves. It was nice. It was a beautiful way to break the ice. When we finished a while later, she had him lay down and we massaged him a bit. I didn’t do much, but I did plenty of two-therapist massages in massage school so it seemed normal enough to me. I bet his experience was a bit crazy for him though. She got his shirt off and massaged his back, touching his skin for the first time. I didn’t touch him much because this is all more about her and him than it is about me and him. I thought it might have been too much if I massaged him a lot that night. While she was massaging his back and leaning over him, I observed her beautiful breast through her loosely dangling shirt neckline. It was stunningly beautiful to catch that glimpse of her juicy juicy mangoes as she ran her hands over his back. It was just a microscopic glimpse of what was yet to come, though.
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