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Default Quad Thoughts

Luv and I have from the beginning our discussions on poly both been...well, enamored...with the idea of a quad.
Ever since we've been non-mono our most wonderful times have been spent with couples. We understand intellectually that a deep poly relationship with a quad may never happen, but the thought of sharing our family and our lives with another committed couple who also loves *us* is such a strong desire with us we've even discussed setting ground rules that would only allow for that.

But no. there is too many wonderful loving people out there for us to know to restrict our growth and sharing like that.

I guess I'm looking for comments from those who have had successful quad relationships, and those who had less successful quad relationships. There is so much to learn either way.

I know the answer to *everything* is "It Depends", but I'd like some sense of how possible it even is, how to find such a couple, what are the unique challenges (probably not unique at all, but a more complex combination of the already known challenges), and is it as amazingly wonderful as we believe it can be, even with the challenges?

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