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Originally Posted by polypenguin View Post
please be a little more tactful/clear with your statements nycindie, as it was quite interpretable. Hence the reason I felt you were calling/comparing me to a sereal killer.
It is quite obvious that you need to hone your communication skills if that is how you interpreted my words. You said you like to look for the good in people and I said "even some serial killers have good qualities," clearly meaning that looking only for the good in people while not paying attention to the warning signs could put you in danger. How the hell you thought I was calling you a serial killer goes way beyond any system of logic. No wonder Genebean has felt that you don't listen to her concerns. Developing your ability to focus and pay attention and really hear what people are saying, will help your relationship, and enable you to recognize problematic, dangerous people like this weird couple you seem to like so much. Good luck to you.
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