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Originally Posted by Heropsychodream View Post
I don't see this working long term. He does. Someone's going to get hurt and likely it will be him which I don't mind since everyone has warned him. The wife is hurt less because I can be there for her.

Also, it sounds terrible but if he gets out of hand and he makes crazy threats I strongly believe the police would side with us.
Ah, isn't that nice. You are so very kind to let your wife spread her legs for someone you think you might have to call the cops on. How touching that you are considering letting him shove his dick into her because you know you'll be there for her if she is hurting, while not caring one iota about anyone else. What mature, unselfish, rational thinking... NOT!

You all seem to have your heads up your asses. Lots of growing up to do here. Lots.
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