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Default Get over it!

OK, my crush on Gentleman is getting to be annoying. I can't seem to follow my own advice and get over it. I can't sleep and have been thinking of him all day. Ugh, talk about nre and the stupid part is we aren't even in a new relationship!

All right I need some advice! What do ya'al do when you have incredibly strong feelings for someone you either can't be with or choose not to be with because you know better?

So far, I've done the following:
-talk extensively with my partner about it, discussing the emotional needs and desires Gentleman has brought up for me.
-written a long letter to myself and burned it
-indulged in all kinds of wild sex with my partner
-expressed my feelings through painting
-pour my heart out to God daily
-reflected on why these feelings are coming up for me and journalled about it
-I haven't talked with Gentleman since I started to feel this way, to avoid complicating my feelings further!

I know that this is coming up so strongly for me because my partner and I face so many difficulties in our life right now- his family and mine are totally pissed about his divorce and our relationship, he has temporarily lost custody until he can get back into the same city as his ex, therefore he needs to move, find a new job (slow progress is being made) and a new place- but knowing that these stresses are why I'm feeling the way I'm feeling is not helping me get over my feelings!

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