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Originally Posted by SeventhCrow View Post
You whippersnappers always think you've invented everything!
Well there you go. Dillusional again. I am feeling more and more like I don't understand the youngsters though. I'm doing my best to keep up at this point but there are things I just won't get as I am not part of their generation. I also find that I am pissed sometimes as I fought hard for the things they now enjoy and sometimes the respect isn't there for that.

There is a reason they call it middle age.

I get a lot of pleasure though in that I can watch young lesbians (etc) who would never of been aware of their tendancies let alone "out" and free to be themselves, free enough to know that its okay if their desire changes too. Sexuality is fluid after all and we finally can almost accept that societially. Even if it seems to be only in sub-cultures at the moment.

I love seeing that played out on the forums especially. And am trying to break free from my "but you are young, that's what you are supposed to feel/do" bias. Along with the "I told you so" thing I do in my head when it comes to people who I have written to where its played out just as I thought. My bad. Working on it folks. Promise!
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