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Originally Posted by Vixtoria View Post
Poly is the fringe of normal. Well, quite often I feel the fringe of fringe. I'm not kinky enough to be considered kinky, I'm not freak enough to be a freak, geek enough to be a geek, so on and so on.
I totally feel you on this! lol

As for the real question, the vibe I always get is that the couples in question want someone that they can see together mostly, with the one-on-one time not being the main focus so that everyone feels included and all that junk. Is it realistic? Not often, since the person being "added" may develop more feelings for one person than the other. These are the people who are trying to find people to fit the formation instead of just letting things develop naturally.

I kind of understand a triad being the "dream formation" since in theory it would be more inclusive, negate all the issues of one member of a partnership being able to meet people while the other one struggles, etc. but it seems like such a tough ideal to actually live up to.

Would it seem less crazy if the couples said they were wanting to find someone to develop a new, lasting group marriage with instead of saying they wanted to add to their current marriage?
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