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thank you for the kind words, I'm afraid that I don't think I am ok with being in a v, I've been trying to think of scenarios for weeks in my head but It just does not sit well for me, So I'm afraid we just aren't compatible. I thank you a lot for you telling me about the suggestions and making the house comfortable for me. I was so worried about all these other matters I haven't really manage to think about those parts more. I believe when the time comes for them to be an active couple I will try for these boundaries.

- Her coming over and visiting to watch TV with him: of course, they've been doing that before we broke up and she's usually around the house all day anyway doesn't bother me

- Her cuddling on the couch with him while you are there: I'd take this on a tentative basis. tell them it's o.k but if they could do it the majority of the time when im not around I mean i think i would be ok with them just laying around lazily hugging but not so sure about any intense cuddling action...

Kissing and the like: Honestly for awhile I'd rather not be around for that stuff... So I'd make sure to give them plenty of time to do that stuff when im not around. Get a hobby or some join some club where im not in the house as often (Just cause I don't like it doesen't mean im going to be a controlling jerk about it either =/)

- Her staying the night with him:She's only ever stayed the night at the apartment for an emergency regarding college neccesity So i wouldn't deny her that.

- Her and him having sex with him in his bedroom: Definitely when I'm not around but last i checked my friend had a vow of no sex till marriage, Again though up to them.

- Her and him having sex in the living room: Again if it happened, Then they wouldn't do it if they thought i even had the most remote of chance to be there, So if anything, when I've driven off to visit my family (Which i do once a week for 3 days) then yeah they can do whatever they want really.

I hope these don't seem to constricting but I just broke up with her recently and this is the best i can do for now.... Opinion?

And I am not in an economical position to even consider moving out.
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