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Pretty much I am going to sound like an old person here. You all are young and you have a lot of things going on, ALOT! I would avoid a virgin at all costs. I have been there and done that many years ago (in my former life) and it was a painful experience for everyone. He quit school he became so distraught. I did get things back on track as I introduced him to his future wife, but it was hard long road which would have best been avoided if I had only been smarter. He seemed so lonely and just wanted someone to talk to, and I was getting divorced at the time, so kind of the same boat, he learned alot from me as he had not had much female attention in his life. (his mom had left when he was a baby so he was raised by a single dad) I think he turned out pretty successful but like I said it came down to a few really scary moments a couple of times where he was just so out of control. Then you throw in the whole culture thing... yeah you might have some problems. Just be careful. It just sounds like you all need to get on the same page with YOUR relationship before you add anyone else.
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