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Originally Posted by dingedheart View Post
How much dating experience did you and your wife have prior to getting together and marrying ?

Pushing for a change in your relationship for some guy staying in your house after 5 days seems so impulsive and perhaps dangerous and very short sighted.

I think she really really need to understand that going down this road is a 2 way road. Traffic will run both ways. I always love the concessions people will make to get what they want but never really think it through fully ....until its too late.
2.5 years then married. We knew each other in high school for years but never dated.

Ahmed doesn't live with us. He moved out a week ago. He's not coming back.

I need to convince her to read some of these responses, create an account, and make some posts. It shouldn't be hard because her and I are close.

I see the danger in this, and so does she, but I think the major turning point will be when he wants a longer term thing. She doesn't know what she wants but is open to having him be a part of our marriage (but doesn't see him fitting into our long term goals). I'm open to it but only if he matures and thinks rationally. He would also have to leave the state with us... and deal with a baby (our goals). I don't see this working long term. He does. Someone's going to get hurt and likely it will be him which I don't mind since everyone has warned him. The wife is hurt less because I can be there for her.

Also, it sounds terrible but if he gets out of hand and he makes crazy threats I strongly believe the police would side with us.
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