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My happiness also affects my eating habits, but opposite. My natural weight is 96 lbs. (I'm short so trust me I'm not a skeloton lol) I eat a lot because I have a fast metabolism and well... I love food it makes me happy WHEN im happy. When I am not happy, I have no appetite. Food tastes like I'm chewing sawdust and I have to force myself to eat so I don't loose weight. When my fiance went through the roughest part of his addiction I lost 11lbs in a week because what little I could swallow came right back up. Which at my size is a huge weight loss that takes hard work to gain back.

So, my health and happiness go hand in hand. I think all people are this way in some shape or form.

So where your emotional hunger can cause you to eat more it causes me I guess.... the same starvation physically as I feel emotionlly. idk... Alls know is I've been eating quite well these days. lol I took a picture of the scale showing I was at 101lbs and my family teased saying those weren't my feet. lol So bring on the Turkey!

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