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You may be right. I had never heard the term "vee" rather than triad before. Thanks for the new concept. That helps me to consider things better.

No I don't feel humiliated, and I definitely don't want to be humiliated either. I justrealized that that dynamic could establish itself, and I don't like it. They do notice me, and I participate with them, but the energy is definitely more between them than me. More V than triad, as dinged heart clarified. I like your recommendation about a frank discussion where I could say that I have had some second thoughts about being involved sexually. I'm not there yet, but having that as an option in the back of my head is empowering. you are right, we are in a relationship here, not just a one-time sexfling. Thanks.

Dr. Talon,
i completely agreed. Yes, the NRE is spillong over to me, so to say. My wife and I are feeling very close and having wonderful intimacy with lots of love and appreciation. it is wonderful and exciting.

*Interesting clarification about the being tied up idea. Yes, you hit my nail on the head, I like my wife being 100% happy and satisfied. She is so beautiful when sexually empowered. Thanks for the reassurance and words of encouragement and support and clarification. That is very helpful to understand the disctinctions and not view my role as the hotwife cuckold dynamic.

Thanks for making me laugh. I lvoed hearing you flip the sexes and talk about no woman ever being excited by humiliation! You are totally right that me being there seems to make it nice for my wife in that she is reassured about the v/triad being okay and that I am okay with it all: "knowing that my other partner was supportive and glad to see me have so much pleasure, that it was a team effort, and comfortable for everybody." I also completely agree that it is the motion in the ocean, not the size of the hull... I am not feeling inferior, just noodling around the idea in my head. I don't want to go down that road.

thanks everyone for the guidance! Wow, I am overwhelmed!

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