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My name is GypsyRose. My partner and l live in South Africa. I am bi and he is bi too. We classify bi as being able to fall inlove with and or sexually engage with people of both sexes. We love each other very much and we are tremendously grateful that we have found each other.
I am 36, was miserably married for 13 years before I decided that I need to leave. My partner, I'll call him Taliesin, have been married 3 times before and he is 54.

Although I have always been of the monogamous mind, after meeting T I realized that the way we live our lives really lends itself to being in a polyamorous family setting.

I don't have any children and I am not sure that I can but I do love children. We both also have sexual needs that the other cannot always fulfill. we love each other dearly and we know that, when the time comes, we would be able to add more members to our family who feel the same way we do.

Polyamorous family settings just make more sense to us.... There is likely to be someone at home at all times. Increased income is also a big thing in todays life, although T and I feel that we need to move towards the simpler way of life and we have been.

Nothing would make me happier than to leave the painful job I have now and go live on his farm as a real old fashioned farmers wife....with a twist.

I am a very crafty person and T builds and makes African Drums for a living... We are moving away from all this consumerism that we face daily. We want a natural life...and when we meet the right people....that is what they will want too.
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