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Originally Posted by Heropsychodream View Post
Back to the point... I don't really see him as an extremist or a predator. I see him as a confused boy who is probably making a mistake. He says to me that he knows he is being illogical but he can't help feeling attracted to her. He knows it is not in his best interest yet he advances.
So what's the problem? If he admits it's not in his best interest, you aren't comfortable with it, and your wife isn't going to let him make a decision in the midst of passion, what is the question? All three of you (you, your wife, Ahmed) have admitted that this is not the best idea for him. Why in the world would any of you still be considering it? I mean, at least HE has hormones as an excuse, I guess.

Your wife shouldn't have sex with him at this point in time. End of story. If he goes out, gets some life and culture experience in the US, comes back in a year or two or three or whatever and they STILL want to screw, then whatever, but now is NOT the time.

Now, the fact that this situation has you and your wife talking is great. Take advantage of the openness to figure out exactly what the two of you want. Do you want to swing together? Fuck others separately? Actually pursue other relationships either together or separate? Now's a great time to figure it out so when opportunity for something presents itself again, you're ready.

*** Also, why in the world does this site log you off if you spend a couple minutes typing a post? Very annoying.
I always click the "remember me" box when logging in and it doesn't do that to me anymore.
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