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Originally Posted by AnnabelMore View Post
Ah ha... so your instincts weren't so far off after all.
I almost blurted that out when she told me.
I know why she didn't tell her. I think part of it was a fear of rejection, but mostly she was trying to be the friend that my wife needed her to be. We agreed that the last thing either of us want to do is to hurt my wife. Our last conversation was obviously in secret, but we decided that it was a fine line that we didn't want to walk. We don't want to go behind my wife's back with all of this. That would be heading squarely into cheater territory, somewhere I've never been and don't want to go. So, for now we're just carrying on.

The part that gets to me is that I feel like I have a secret again that I can't be honest about with my wife. We had just gotten to this great place of open communication. I also don't want to betray K's trust, or badger her to come clean about it. Not really sure what to do at the moment. Stuck between a rock and hard place.
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