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Default Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - Working Out

Tuesday was a crappy day. Katie was super stressed and although I had a good day at work when I came home I did something that I thought would help her and it ended up making her mad and we fought for a long time. Hurtful things were said and I took the kids out of the house to give her some space. When I came back she was fine and in a seemingly good mood but I was still upset so I went to play on the computer for a while. When it was time to work out I went out there and she asked me what was wrong. I basically unloaded everything I had been bottling up on her and told her that I understand she's not a talky person when she's in a bad mood but if she's not going to talk to me then she has to give me extra time to cool off because I can't just go into another room and be alone and calm down. I need to talk to people or I need a very long time to get over it, because I stew until my temper cools enough that logic kicks in. I told her she can't have it both ways. She either talks to me or she gives me enough space to not be flaming hot. We worked out and both of us felt quite a bit better afterwards.

I spoke to A throughout most of this fight and while I don't think she was actually siding with my wife, I felt like she thought I was going overboard. I probably was. I'm not saying A or I fought, because we didn't. I'm saying it for documentation's sake. I felt distant from both of them. That means the problem lies with yours truly. Maybe not always, but on Tuesday, that was the case. Ah well. It's in the past now.

Wednesday was a pretty good day. Katie brought the kids in to eat lunch with me again. When I got home Katie wanted to cuddle and kiss and be close. She didn't want to be sexual, she just wanted my attention. We ended up putting up our phones for several hours so that it was just us and we laid there and relaxed and cuddled on the couch (instead of working out). After Katie went to bed I spoke to A. She had had a pretty eventful day and had said quite a bit to me over text while my phone was put up. I felt bad for ignoring her when she pays so much attention to me all the time and I made it up to her. I also read several comics that I had bought and hadn't had a chance to read yet.

Today has been largely uneventful. The night isn't over yet but it's getting there. Katie and I worked out, A has been busy with her own working out (everyone's getting fit! what what!) and the kids have been driving me nuts. I need to stop missing workouts. It's a serious impact on my mood and Katie said I was being snappy. Post-workout I feel much better. I plan on reading through some more comics, trying to catch up before Saturday (the day I typically go to the comic shop). A is available now so I'm going to go talk to her instead of you punks. :P

PS: I've left a voice mail for A every day mentioned in this post. I left it right after work, knowing she couldn't answer. It seems to really boost her spirits, and it makes me feel good because I get to ramble on about technical stuff for a little bit and know the person on the other end enjoys what I'm talking about. Katie gladly listens to my day but she is not interested in technology and my rambling frequently causes her to drool from boredom. To be clear, that's not a complaint. Everyone has their likes and dislikes and I don't mind. I try to make the stories exciting but sometimes talking about internet security is just boring. haha
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