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Ahem. Let me share with you a little insight into having sex with someone who is super-religious and from a middle eastern culture. He will not fall in love with your wife if he gets to fuck her. Oh no. He will think of her as the devil, the lowest of low, worth about as much as dirt -- because she tempted him. No matter how much he might say he is a modern young man, when such strict religious beliefs are planted into someone's head, it will be her fault and he will have zero respect for her. Guys with these strong fundamental beliefs will always see how far they can get, but if he can go all the way, he will see himself as victim and your wife as an unscrupulous, cheap whore. He will look at you as less than a man for being married to her and permitting it. The shift in his personality and demeanor will be so fast, it will make your head spin. I have friends that this has happened to, and I've experienced a bit of it myself without even going all the way with someone. Some of them feel no respect for women even if the woman just wants sex. You won't find him pleasant to be around.

Don't let her go there.
The world opens up... when you do.

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