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I deleted my "In a relationship with..." that linked my profile to Fiona's on fetlife today. I honestly forgot it was there and when I went in to edit a bit, realized that was a step I needed to take. Happily, I had no negative feelings about it whatsoever and it was done within seconds.

In other news, the few prospects I have are progressing nicely... One of the guys I'm talking to is going to meet me (and possibly Keith) at a comedy show that is coming up in a couple of weeks. His wife isn't into the type of comedy it is, and he was bummed about not having someone to go with. Seemed the perfect opportunity to meet face-to-face. I'm hoping he and Keith will get along (assuming Keith wants to go, too, which I'm fairly sure he will).

I met a woman I'd been talking to when we went to Sesso Saturday. She was incredibly drunk, though, so I didn't get to interact with her too much (I wasn't in the right mindset for sleeping with anyone new and she was very much in the "I wanna hook up with someone" phase of intoxication). We kissed a bit, though, and she made sure to send me a message telling me how good at it I am... lol We're planning on meeting for coffee at a local bookstore sometime soon to actually talk and get to know each other a bit better without inebriation or sex happening all around us to distract us. I definitely see the potential for good friends and company at swingers' events in her and her boyfriend, but we shall see.
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