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Hi all, my name is Chris, and (braces for incoming flak) I'm 16.
I know, i know, this isn't something i should be thinking about, I'm too young, whatever. All i know is that the first time i read about poly, it struck a chord with me. It just felt right, y'know? And i know, people are probably thinking im too young to be making a decision about my life. Ive generally been miserable in 1 on 1 relationships, because i haven't felt like they satisfy my emotional needs. I have an issue relating to my partners because i have trouble viewing someone sexually before i know them quite well. I'm looking for general, all around advice. Im interested in poly, it feels right to me, i dont really have anyone i can discuss it with, my parents being strict Roman Catholic, and dead-set against any violation of the "Marriage Norm".
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