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Originally Posted by Windstar View Post
... He was the hot new stud, and I am the old comfy nesting partner. I dont really like that, but I understand it.
So you're the comfy nesting partner. Does that make you feel inferior? Are you humiliated yet excited watching the two of them together or do you fully enjoy seeing their enjoyment? I wouldn't classify this in the "Hot Wife" category at all unless you're feeling that humiliation. If that is the case, then I would be getting the heck out of that bedroom when they want to have sex!

However, I dont want to have our dynamic become this "HotWife" idea. There is no part of me that is electrified by the idea of being an inferior lover to my wife than another man with a huge dick. I can enjoy her being a supernova of pleasure, but I do not derive pleasure from feeling inferior.
Once again... Is this how it makes you feel? Or does it feel like you're a part of her pleasure just by being there? If they don't even notice your existence, I don't see the purpose of you being there, honestly.

So I will have to change my energy in this triad and either make it more balanced or be comfortable with them moving their energy away from me and into them separately as a couple without me there with them in a threesome.

I think you need to talk to them to figure out how EVERYONE is feeling about what's going on. Just tell them you've had some second thoughts about being involved with the sexual aspect because you don't feel that included or needed in that setting. Tell them you saw these photos and saw the similarities between your situation and don't want to get so far down the road and realize that it has been making you feel inferior (assuming it isn't already).

One thing you have to remember is that the "Hot wife" or cuckold situation is generally done when the man is brought in JUST FOR SEX. That's not the case here. You and your wife have a relationship with this man, and I sincerely hope their goal in having threesomes is NOT to show you up or to show you how awesome he is and how not awesome you are but instead is to share that intimacy.
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