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Given the things I've read and pondered for a while now, I sometimes wish I had not gotten legally married. I am more for civil unions or domestic partnerships which can include more than one person of whatever gender, and hope that that becomes normal soon. In the mean time, I'm realizing I'd prefer to have a cultural ceremony and ignore the legal "marriage license" (why should the government "allow" me to marry my love?), but sometimes things happen on default because that's what normal people in society do if they don't think about things thoroughly, especially when they're young. Honestly, the biggest benefit to legal marriage that I've seen so far is the tax deductions, but I could have gotten most of them (and maybe more) filing as head of household (because of the kids) and he filing as single. (Yeah, in my day job I'm an accountant).

That being said, legal marriage is default for acknowledging the parentage of children, so, in the instance that there was a pregnancy between Guy and another woman, I'd prefer to divorce him (on paper, anyway ) and the two of them get married legally, so there are protections in place for her and any children. (I can't have any more, I've been "fixed" ).

I think somehow we just got off the original topic of labels. So I have a question on labeling - what exactly does fluid bonding mean, and entail? Is it just practicing safe sex? And how does it differ in male/male, male/female and female/female relationships? Wouldn't open mouth kissing be essentially fluid? Or does it only refer to "sexual fluids"? And does that mean just the commingling of sexual fluids (cumming in a vagina without a condom) or any contact with sexual fluids (hand job or mutual masturbation without a condom or gloves)? Thanks!
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