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Originally Posted by BrigidsDaughter View Post
I work with a children with mental illnesses and their families and many times they have more than one child with a mental illness and the children feed off of each other, which causes even more stress for the parents. I had one child's sister escalate his behavior because she was angry that he got home from an outing just after her therapist left. He almost broke his mother's nose when he headbutted her while being so wound up. Many times these parents are doing everything right, but have been trying to get their children help and have been dealing with it for so long that they don't have the extra energy to spare for interpersonal relationships.
I'd entertain what you're saying, but this guy is piling on extra relationships while his kids are literally screaming for his attention. If your kids have unresolved issues, you don't look for additional relationships and confusion. That makes him a not nice person. I'd run.
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