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Default "HotWife" paradigm / Avoiding the Cuckold dynamic

So my wife and I brought another man into our bed and relationship.

We've had plenty of hot threesomes, and the energy was more between them than all three of us. They were great. I loved them.

Last night I was looking through sexy pictures on and I came across the "HotWife' page. Weird. Never thought about this before.

This term refers to a couple who brings another man in to have sex with the wife. Many times or most of the times the other man has a bigger cock than the husband. Therein comes an element of inferiority, ingratiation, and submission. He gets off on watching his wife with a guy who is more masculine than he is, or so they say.

Now that energy happened with us three. He was the hot new stud, and I am the old comfy nesting partner. I dont really like that, but I understand it.

However, I dont want to have our dynamic become this "HotWife" idea. There is no part of me that is electrified by the idea of being an inferior lover to my wife than another man with a huge dick. I can enjoy her being a supernova of pleasure, but I do not derive pleasure from feeling inferior.

So I will have to change my energy in this triad and either make it more balanced or be comfortable with them moving their energy away from me and into them separately as a couple without me there with them in a threesome.

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