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Default Never could wear a ring

In the UK it wasn't common for men to wear a ring anyway, so I never expected to. I married in the US, and shortly before the wedding it was decided I should have a ring. Well, I got a ring, and the day I got it it was a tight fit. By the time the wedding day came it was a loose fit, and I could feel it on the neighbouring fingers. Turns out my fingers changed size almost hourly. Add to that a few zaps from open power supplies (working with electrionics) and I gave up wearing a ring.

17 years later someone finally calls me on the fact that I don't wear a ring. She was insecure in her relationship, and so was going through an "all men are bad" phase.

I was married for 18 years before DW decided poly should be an option. By then I was very used to not wearing a ring.

NOW I HAVE A PROBLEM. I have made a new friend - local shop assistant. She knows I have kids, and I think she knows I have a wife. It's too early to tell if she has ambitions beyond friendship, heck I don't even know where I stand myself, but I want to send a clear message, and wish the ring were there. We're gonna have a coffee together, get more than a few stolen minutes while shopping.

Last time I made friends kinda like this with a co worker, I thought she might be gay, and she thought I was gay (long story) so neither of us even considered anything, and this was before poly was an option for me, so I just didn't want to see to be hitting on her.
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