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Thanks a lot AnnabelMore. You helped me get a better handle on the situation than "ack! I don't know what to do!".

That's a good point about her being mature enough to make her own decisions, so if she wants to pursue a relationship with me, and I want to pursue a relationship with her, and Guy's fine with it, well, why not?

That's a good link, thanks, I'll share it with J.

I'm not sure of exactly how Guy feels about her. I think right now he's more interested the other woman - A - he was talking too the other day. But I think he also has some interest in J. But typing that out made me realize I need to ask him, and not just "think" I know what he's thinking. Hah!

I'm not sure exactly what I'm concerned about - I think it has to do with wanting to find a serious relationship already (impatience) and having so little time for ANYthing as it is that I honestly do not know if I could handle more than two relationships (one with Guy one with J, and I'm not even 100% sure I can give her as much attention as she deserves, even on a casual basis) and be fair about giving everyone enough attention. So, I suppose there is a fear of becoming "polysaturated". I don't intend complete polyfidelity, because I will be performing for as long as someone still thinks I'm hot, which (hopefully) will be a longish while yet. That being said I don't think I want more than a couple serious long term relationships just because when I mean serious I mean very long term, living together, full integration in each others' lives and families etc, and I think the more people involved the harder that would be. Plus the time factor, again.

Okay. Thanks again. I'm glad I met her too, and you're right, at the very least, we're having a great time.
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