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Default Is it actually possible to pickup mono girls off the street without being creepy?


simple question...hard answer?

I usually have no problems whatsoever picking up girls when I am single. I have actually studied the question quite in depth and have always had great results...but now I am in a relationship.

There is this girl I am very interested in...she works in a place near my house.

We exchange glances every now and then but I have absolutely no clue how to go about meeting her and then having to explain I have a GF.

With all due respect, my GF is just getting comfortable with the idea of having a flexible relationship so I also don't want to go to hard on her also with my far fetched adventures.

Yet, I am genuinely curious about this other girl.

I would want to introduce myself but would also not want to come in as a typical flirt or anything like that...but it's not easy to go up to someone and not look like a flirt..

Any ideas please? Thanks!!!
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