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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
Jealousy is connected to insecurity. Caring is connected to love. One does not necessarily correlate with nor corroborate the other.
Yeah, not necessarily, but for some people insecurity is a mainstay of attachment (namely, people with insecure attachment styles). For me, attaching to someone is fraught with insecurity and anxiety at fear of losing them. Deep caring (which comes out of attachment) is therefore fraught with insecurity. And, because I agree that jealousy is based in insecurity, jealousy is just going to come up for me--if I care about someone. If you're a securely attached type of individual, then I'd imagine anxiety and insecurity do not attend your feelings of falling and being in love to the same extent. Unfortunately, although attachment style can be learned about and considered, I don't think it really changes in the span of a lifetime. Maybe someone can prove me wrong, though. I'd like to be wrong.
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