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I totally understand what you mean when you say "its so good and feels so right"
I wish you all the best.

So far, i think i learned these things:
- if any interested party actually shows to be not interested, and to the point that he/she has to be lied to - all participants need to be prepared for things to take a bad turn somewhere along the line... Now.. I'm not saying thing's should automatically stop there every time.. but, preparation for a sudden bad turn cannot be considered over-cautious
- reactions people have are truly unpredictable. Situation that seems heavenly can turn to hell in moments, and in return, the biggest problems in the universe can suddenly not even matter...
- love is truly remarkable and worth every effort

So, I'm currently supporting the idea proposed by Bill Hicks a long time ago:
don't be afraid.. ever.. because it's just a ride.. and you can change it any time you want
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