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Default Moving on in life

Hi all. After my big Poly disaster (that was in reality my wife having an affair) and the end of my marriage 9 months ago I have dated a little bit but mostly spent that time on my own just healing up I guess. But now things have moved on and I have met somebody else I like. I intend it to be a mono -mono relationship.
So why am I back here?
Because the year I was in a Poly thing taught me a lot about myself. All self knowledge is useful.
But there is another reason. In one way (in large part because of our children) my wife (we are not divorced) and I are still in a sort of relationship . I have to see her and talk to her everyday. We go to the gym together and co-operate over the schooling of the kids. She is in fact extremely jealous and dismayed at the fact I have got someone new, but that is her problem really. I don't rub her face in it and I tell her as little as possible.
My new lover has also told me she is a jealous type. I see that as her problem really , jealousy of course comes from insecurity and I hope she will get better as we go on. She seems to have felt more secure the last couple of weeks.
Anyway, I am rambling a bit. I just might pop in and discuss stuff as it comes up. If nobody minds.
"The secret of life, though, is to fall seven times but to get up eight times"
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