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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
[I'm not a hoarder, but sometimes I watch that show to kick my butt into gear.]
I definitely have hoarding tendencies (as do my sisters and my mom) - we all agreed that watching the show inspires us to get rid of stuff (can't just throw it away usually...but Goodwill gets a big load of crap, as does the recycling center/scrap yard)

Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
I want to, I really want to, and I have such a hard time even imagining what it might be like to sleep with one of them while the other is in the next room. I read Phy's blog and think that sounds so fabulous and how much I would love to do that with my men.
Our house has absolutely NO soundproofing whatsoever and only ONE bedroom (king-size bed - I get the middle). Good thing nobody is shy! MrS says that it was initially awkward hearing me and Dude have sex (he would turn up the TV or stereo) he is just happy that I am enjoying myself...

On the other hand...hearing Dude and his (now) ex having sex always grated on me when they stayed over. I could never fall asleep until they were done and always seemed to have to pee sometime in the middle (I would have had to walk through the room they were in to get to the bathroom - considered climbing out the window and peeing in the woods - even though they said they would have been fine with me walking through).

I think that may have been ultimately due to the fact that I just don't LIKE her...I can imagine hearing him having sex with someone who I like (and who likes and cares about my girl VV for example) and just cheering them on in my head

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