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Originally Posted by polypenguin View Post
these are all difficult things to hear, but I know they are true. I guess my desires are clouding my judgement. Thank you all.

I guess I always try to only see the "good" in people, and never the bad. Wether I have intentions with them or not. Many people say I let others take advantage of me, but I guess I believe in turning my cheek.

is it wrong to see only the good in people?
When the bad in people purposely disrespects the person in your life and therefore has no intention of supporting goodwill in general amongst yourselves you need to wake the hell up. There's no other way for me to put that.

I have had close relatives try and interfere in my relationship and plot to turn other people in the family against me, to my face and behind my back. I spent most of my life seeing the good in them and trying my best to ignore the bad. That is no way to live. You and your girlfriend deserve better.
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