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I come back to this topic, and always come to the same conclusion: there is ultimately a difference in my perspective to that of the question. It feels wrong for me to try to talk about "our boundaries" because I feel that for me boundaries are something that are mine, just like decisions about myself are something mine. I feel like any other way of looking at it is giving away some of my autonomy to a partner.

So, I will answer this in terms of what my boundaries are
- I will only accept honest, respectful, and caring behaviour towards myself
- I will aim to be understanding towards myself and others
- I will be considerate of my partners feelings
- If I feel the need to speak about something, I will not let fear (or other emotional barrier) stop or delay the discussion
- I will take care of myself and my need for space and time and autonomy
- I am committed to treasuring and upholding my connection to my partners and to other important people in my life
- I will work with my own issues and will not take other people's issues on myself
- I am committed to knowing (finding out) what I want and living accordingly to that (and by want I don't mean whatever feels good in the moment but more what I feel will be satisfying in the grand scheme of things)
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