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In my particular situation, only two people know that I'd like to be poly. I actually cringe at the thought of telling people "I'm polyamorous", because they wouldn't understand, and I'd have to explain myself in the context of a larger movement and lose focus on what I am. Once I've explained myself I could refer to myself as "being poly" because then it would just be a useful shorthand.

One of the things I don't like is that since to "practice polyamory" you need more than one loving relationship, that makes it sound like my preferred configuration is more than one loving relationship. It actually isn't, and in my ideal world I'd be mono because it's easier. One of the things I like the most about poly is about letting relationships be what they are, and not having to fit them in any kind of box. Whether they become a relationship or a marriage is really not all that important to me, I just want to be allowed to feel the way I do.

This is especially bothersome when my recently-ex-boyfriend tells me things like "one day you'll find the right two guys for you" doesn't exactly work that way!

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