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Scott, to answer your question about what I typed into google it was "34,000 sects." wether that number is current amounts, or the collective of 2,000 years, it matters very little.

The point being written word is and always has been interpretible. Hence the reason there are many different translations of the bible itself. It begs the question of the authors themselves, did they interpret what god told them to write? And in doing so, did they write how they saw it, or word for word?

on top of that, the bible says "you shall not add to the word I command of you, nor take from it." Deuteronomy 4:2. So, how can any bible which is not of the original language be correct, as every one of those has been altracated and interpreted.

there are very few languages which are constant throughout all languages. Math and science being two, and gunshots being another.
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