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Originally Posted by polypenguin View Post
these are all difficult things to hear, but I know they are true. I guess my desires are clouding my judgement. Thank you all.

I guess I always try to only see the "good" in people, and never the bad. Wether I have intentions with them or not. Many people say I let others take advantage of me, but I guess I believe in turning my cheek.

is it wrong to see only the good in people?
I wouldn't say it's wrong, but it's certainly naive. Ignoring the bad parts of people is dangerous and can land you in worlds of hurt. There's being optimistic about someone, and then there's willingly putting your personal safety in jeopardy because the other person "deserves a chance". It can only go so far before it's practically a type of masochism.

EDIT: Not to mention how much your carelessness would also affect the people close to you.
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