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Originally Posted by landica View Post
I recently became part of a vee, and my shiny, new boyfriend is coming to visit for the weekend. My parents live in close proximity to my house, and it is not unusual for my mom to drop by unannounced. I figured I would take the bull by the horns and go ahead and tell her. Hardest. Thing. Ever.

Mom is completely cool with it, but she has gotten a lot more open-minded as she has gotten older. And my bf wants to meet my mother and explain his intentions for dating me.

Should be an interesting weekend.
I started talking about polyamory about 16 years ago with my family.. maybe they thought it was just a phase, but clearly it's one that's lasted a while :-p. ofcourse, most of my life it's just been theory; I'm not one who easily acquires a partner ;-).
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