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Originally Posted by drtalon View Post
But there comes a time when someone is ignorant or deliberately lying about this or that label they have given themselves, and then it becomes necessary to judge. Possibly, you should judge yourself first and ask whether the label truly applies to you. If it does, and the person's behavior is diametrically opposed to your behavior, how can you not judge? To not make a judgment at that point would be to render that label useless in your identification. If person A claims to be vegan, but eats jello, and person B claims to be vegan and does not eat anything containing gelatin as it is derived from animals, then it seems obvious they have a mutually incompatible understanding of the label they've individually chosen for themselves. Maybe neither of them is right or wrong in the grand scheme of a living language, but for at least one of them, the label has become useless as a shortcut for explaining some of the ways they live their life.
Interesting points. I'm not sure if you read of my disagreement with some here regarding how polyamory should be defined. To summarize, I felt that polyamory means "many loves", and so the only real condition to be polyamorous is to love more then one person. That being said, I generally define polyamory as "many sexual loves", to differentiate it from loving friends and family. Do you think that my definition is too broad?
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