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Originally Posted by StarTeddy View Post
It is pretty sad, to be honest. The type of person I am is highly desirable among the kind of guys I hang out with, so even if I don't develop feelings, my friend usually will. My three closest friends at the moment all have some type of interest in me. The last time I had a purely non-romantic friendship was in high school, and she was a woman. Even then, she was crushing on me hard and I had to turn her down because I don't like women.

I wonder, actually, if some of this confusion happens because of the way I show my affection. I took the love languages test earlier today and my main one is touch, by a long the way I express love, even to my friends, can come across as "coupley", and probably why I get strange urges to cuddle with some of my friends, even though I'm not sexually attracted to them. This was actually something that got me in trouble with my ex-best friend; I was always so touchy with her that she thought I was leading her on!
Interesting point. I frequently think that our society is touch starved, myself included. In such a society, the mere act of touching someone may get them to read into things or at the very least awaken sexual desire. There is another point as well- where is the line between a "normal" touch and a "sexual" touch?
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