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Hi Troubled,

Its amazing how you've spoken of a heart opening. I've been going through what feels like a really physical and spiritual opening of my heart. It feels like there is a giant beam of light extending from my chest and its so good and feels so right. I love just sitting with the feeling there and watching how it affects my body and my perception of the world. Sometimes I feel like all the atoms in my body are going to explode into bliss! Sounds like your on a beautiful path. I'd love to hear more as it expands.

My story has evolved in the last few days. I spent the night with this beautiful woman. We drank wine and talked until the morning. I'm so afraid to express all of this. I'm shaking from the truth of it. Still I didn't tell her how I feel but this morning I spoke to my husband about seeing other people and he told me he feels the same!

Its scary and exciting, and if you or anyone has any advice on how to proceed from the heart I would love to hear!
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