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Originally Posted by drtalon View Post
Second, once there are two people with the same label, there follows this concept of community, how we share this label together, how we should automatically have some sort of connection, common purpose, and reason to protect the "turf" of this label community.
This is what made/makes me loathe to use the label bisexual. I don't like what people on either side of the label think of those with the label. I never felt like what I like to do with someone else's genitals was enough reason to come together in community. I didn't want to anything with the genitals of strangers, and didn't want other people thinking that I did.

That said, I like the convenience of the label; and I like being different and being comfy with the label. (when I first came out, the only thing I could find that all the bisexual people I met had in common was that they 'didn't like labels.')
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