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Originally Posted by polypenguin View Post
well, I see all of your points. I know I probably shouldn't give them the time of day. I talked to them both this weekend, and Z told me I need to slow way down with my girlie, which is sort of surprising.

I understand it's a sketchy situation, but I believe in giving people second chances. (please answer honestly, as this is a real question) is giving them a second chance wrong? Is being just friends with them ok? Is just sex ok? Please, tell me what you think honest and true.

I know there are other poly couples out there somewhere, I guess I'm just having issues waiting. But we've come to a compromise that I think I can deal with. I really apreciate your comments, though they are difficult to hear. It seems everyone is pretty much unanimous in what they think.
I just want to understand: WHY them in particular? Do you HAVE to engage sexually with these people?

I'm glad you came to the forum with the issue because I don't get a good vibe about any of this from genebean, and her feeling safe should be of utmost importance to you, above and beyond the involvement you see with this couple.

For me they have presented a few red flags, bright and glaring, and I'm not sure if you're purposely overlooking them in pursuit of what you want, or if they just seem so insignificant that to you they're not really red flags.

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