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We went to Ron Jeremy's Club Sesso Saturday night.... I pretty much hated it. lol It has a very "dance club" like atmosphere - blaring, mostly crappy music, and no room to breathe unless you go into one of the private play rooms. The play rooms themselves were nice, but we were only able to catch one empty once in a span of 5 hours. They had a floor that is only for couples and single woman which was quieter and more roomy, but it was entirely open so there wasn't even an option for privacy at all.

So, I don't plan on returning. I'd intended to drink a Ron Jeremy Rum and Coke whilst there and forgot. Keith and I had fun just the two of us... Only had real conversations with 2 couples - one I'd talked to online before, but since she was just going around the room making out with any woman who'd touch her while her boyfriend followed like a puppy, I was rather put off and then the second thought we were brand new to the swinger world and offered to "break us in" - also off putting to me. I think I've become more poly than swinger at the point as I am enjoying the thought of casual, more than likely one-time-thing sex less and less... I may jump in the sack with people rather quickly, but I can only do it if I LIKE them. And to like them I need to have a conversation which isn't really possible or looked for at this club.

In conclusion - I'm glad I went just because it has Ron Jeremy's name attached. It wasn't awful, but it's not my kind of place. I wouldn't really recommend it unless you want to go just to dance or have sex with random strangers. I'm not ready to give up on the swinging world quite yet since I think the community as a whole is a great place to meet new friends and find some enjoyable FWB situations, but unless we can find a more intimate club, that phase may have ended almost as soon as it began.
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