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To answer some of the questions, hubby is my primary. I love him and have no intension of leaving or doing anything we can't come to an agreement on. As for hubby's feelings he is still woking out his level of being comfortable with physical connections, he knows I have fallen for my potential Dom, he knows he has been clear if we were to move beyond the friendship we have it would be a D/s reltionship in and out of the bedroom. He has the same concern my dom partner has, is he feels it will limit my freedom I been seeking and cause me to become bored or drepressed. I have no asked him directly but he seems fairly sure of what works for him and what he would want from us. He is a good communicator and has had me working on specific research to enure I am educated before I make the choice. In the time that I have known him I have always found myself drawn to following him. I tend to be more agressive, more a leader, but with him it is not so. I think that is why I am so attracted to the idea because it is rare for me to be this way with anyone. Simply I'd trust him with my life. If it were simply my choice it be in the bedroom only and maybe some slight servicebehavior guidelines. However, I could see myselfdoing anything he asked (as long as it wasnt completely insane, I'm not supidly blind either) I have an idea what my limits would be, however I have a feeling he'd enjoy pushing them if I concented. As for what makes me hot about being submissive, it is the trust and the ability to completely aandon control. I am a very controling, agreesive woman in my life and the release of control is hard but extreamly appealing with the right person. I haven't explored anything local because simply the idea of being submissive is not something I take lightly, if most men tried to be with me the way my potential dom is I'd laugh them out of my sight. He simply just has a way with me that works. I also am afraid I will find a new dom I enjoy and he maybe less kind and careful then my current. If things don't go anywhere with him and I still have an interest this maybe something to consider for the future. Im still very much living a mono life with my husband. I have been giving him ample time to process because simply I have had a lot of time to think over this before I ever sprang it on him and it is only fair he has time to work though it as well. I love him and I believe he will be able to accept this about me given time and assurance that he truely is special to me, my understading will help him feel that I am not being presured or manipulated and that we can take this at our pace. We recently stared dating an open couple and the first date went well. I can see a friendship and perhaps more. I do feel a bit guilty because my ideals and my reality aren't meeting up. Ideally I'd like to only sexually explore people I have a deeper interest in, reality is however if I am comfortable with someone I'd likely sleep with them given the okay. My hubby and I have made an agreement to go slow together, discuss, and both retain the right ro change our minds at any time. Allowing us the freedom to make this work and continue to work as we need it.
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